Cheeky Life Drawing Hen Parties

Cheeky Life Drawing Hen PartiesA lot of the time, brides-to-be are looking for a new and exciting experience to celebrate their upcoming marriage with their friends. So, instead of opting for a messy night out with fuzzy heads the next morning, cheeky life drawing hen parties have become a favourite among blushing hens ready to dive into married life. If you’re a gal that wants something cheeky, unique and hilarious, you can’t go wrong with the life drawing experience.

If you’re still a bit confused about what life drawing actually is, let us break it down. Pick a date to celebrate getting hitched, choose a time and arrive at a city centre venue to begin. When you arrive, a drawing tutor will meet and greet you. Then you’ll be guided into a private room where you can get settled in. This is where the fun begins! You’ll be introduced to your fit and friendly male model who will de-robe and get into his first striking pose.

When your are ready, put pencil to pad and try your best to draw your model (don’t leave out anything)! As you get creative, your drawing tutor will be around to pass you some tips and tricks and make sure everyone is having a laugh with their drawings. Alongside the art itself, your tutor and model will play a few games with the group to keep it fun and make these cheeky life drawing hen parties one to remember for your bride to be.

As well as being completely unique, cheeky life drawing hen parties mean no stress needed. All the drawing equipment will be provided and set up before your arrival. So you just need to focus on having a good time and making the hen feel special. Once you’ve finished your masterpieces, take everything you’ve made home for a funny memento of the day!

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The History of Hen Parties

The History of Hen Parties

We all go on about 30 hen parties in our lifetime (usually all in the same year), but have you ever wondered where the strange festivities originate from? We’re here to give you, briefly, the history of hen parties through the years. Plus, all the juicy bits that have made them such a fun event for every gal on her last night of freedom.

Way, way back into Ancient Greece, the first form of hen parties came about. Within the last days before her marriage, the bride would spend time with all of her female relatives to prepare. This would include sacrificing childhood toys, locks of hair and her girdle to the virgin goddess Artemis (deep right)? This signified the bride to be’s move from childhood to adulthood, and was basically the first, more boring version of the hen party.

That’s all well and good, however it doesn’t explain why it’s called a ‘hen’ party? What does it have to do with birds? Well this answer is a pretty logical one. During the 1620’s, the word ‘hen’ was used to describe a group of women in any situation. Not just for pre-wedding celebrations. A group of women, like a group of female chickens – catch our drift. Jump forward to the 1900’s and the great female icon Eleanor Roosevelt used the phrase ‘hen party’. This was when she described her very posh Christmas party with the cabinet wives (girl power)!

When it comes to the hen party we know and love today, that all started way back in the 1970’s. This was when it was more of an expression of women’s sexual freedom. In the workplace, the hen would celebrate her leaving work and entering domesticity and motherhood by dressing up like a bride, having sexual innuendos tied to her coat and visiting the local pubs – now that’s what we call a hen party!

Alot of the history of hen parties focusing on sexual freedom, expressing yourselves and being a bit risky. With this in mind, a life drawing hen party fits perfectly into the celebrations. If you haven’t organised your final blowout just yet or you want to add something special, try this popular experience with the girls and make your 2017 hen party one to remember, just like the 70’s chicks did.