What Kind of Bride Are You?

What Kind of Bride Are You?What kind of bride are you? We’ve come across many types of brides over the years. There are many types but here are the most common types we know and love.

The Perfectionist

So, what kind of bride are you? This bride knows exactly what she wants and when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING.  Every little detail from the beading on her dress to the way her bridesmaids stand can’t go unaccomplished.  This bride is borderline bridezilla but with less attitude. Everything prior to the wedding will be researched, put into a plan and thought through carefully. You may know this type of bride better as Monica from Friends. These brides typically mean no harm. However, if nothing is less than perfect then there may be a few problems. How do you know you’re this type of bride? The bar charts, mood boards and notes might give that one away.

Last-minute Bride

What kind of bride are you?This bride may be more common in those who aren’t as easily excited, workaholics or are just lazy. Typically known as the last-minute bride, this type tends to leave every detail to the very last minute. she tends to remind herself that she can “just do it later”. If you know you’re going to become this bride, then we suggest giving yourself a good length of time to plan. Hey, we don’t blame you for avoiding all the stress and hassle!


The type of bride no one wants to become. Although, none of us want to admit we have become one, it’s very hard not to become the ultimate bridezilla. Don’t be ashamed, it’s a very common type of bride everyone becomes and fears. This bride is the type of bride that becomes their own worst enemy. According to this bride, nothing is going right and she’s passed the point of stress. The flowers being too yellow, the cake being too chocolaty, the maid of honour can get nothing right. This bride is not afraid to voice her opinions and knows exactly what she wants… don’t cross her. What to do to avoid becoming this bride? You can’t.

What kind of bride are you? we’d love to know. Don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 341 0052 today with any questions or if you fancy booking one of our hen party life drawing parties. Happy Henning ladies!

Cheap Hen Party Ideas That Won’t Break the Budget

Hen parties can be expensive and here at life drawing we understand it completely! Everything starts add up and in the end, you find yourself looking at your bank balance with your head in your hands. However, there are a few cheap hen party ideas that won’t break the budget.

Mobile activities

Our first cheap hen party ideas that won’t break the budget is mobile activities, Avoid all the added costs with a mobile hen party. this way you can enjoy an activity in the comfort of your own home Cheap Hen Party Ideas That Won’t Break the Budgetand avoid all the further costs (travel, meals, club entry etc.). there are many cheap hen party ideas that won’t break your bank. Including, DIY decorations to jazz up your house and simple hen party snacks. If you’re struggling for ideas, then we recommend you look at Pinterest. Here you will find a ridiculous amount of great ideas to help – it’s great!

Simply choose from one of our many cheap hen party ideas. And, whether you’re looking for a relaxed pamper party or a cheeky life drawing parties, you’ll find it all here. Oh, and not forgetting that we bring it all to you!

Early Bird Deals

Another one of our cheap hen party ideas that won’t break your bank is early bird deals. Booking your party way in advance means plenty of deals (which everyone loves). Companies such as ourselves enjoy giving cunning customers the chance to secure their hen party early and with a great deal. As well as deals, planning your party way in advance allows everyone to save up. Meaning no one must worry about pulling money out last minute and will keep everyone happy. Early bird planning avoids all the hassle, allows us to guarantee you availability and over all saves you a whole lot of money in the long run. One of our top cheap hen party ideas that won’t break the budget.


Our last cheap hen party ideas that won’t break the budget is DIY. By doing all the decorating and making the accessories yourself, youll be shocked by how much money you can actually save. It’s amazing how much balloons, penis straws and tiaras can all add up to – a lot! Make it a little more fun and get the girls together for a little creative fun. Theres so many fantastic DIY ideas on the internet that are quick and simple to make. if you’re still feeling a bit unsure about the whole ‘do it yourself’ then don’t be. Trust us, your hen party will look just as glam as it would with all the pre-paid accessories and decorations.