Be My Bridesmaid Gifts

Be My Bridesmaid Gifts

So, you’re engaged and now it’s time to get your wedding planning at the ready. There are so many things to do and think about before the big day arrives. However, one of the most important thing every bride needs to ask themselves is who is going to be their bridesmaids. If you fancy going all out, then here are a few of our be my bridesmaid gifts ideas.

Friendship Bracelets

With a simple bracelet, you can ask your friends or family to be your bridesmaid in the nicest way possible. This gift can either be made by yourself or you can purchase many designs online. Our favourite design is the initials. The tag then asks the person if they’d like to be the bridesmaid. Two nice surprises in one!

Hidden Message Mug

This one is for those looking for a funnier alternative. Simply buy your mug online, make your bridesmaids a cuppa and wait until they reach the bottom to reveal the secret message. This way you can ask without giving anything away. Let’s just hope they’re thirsty on the day!

Bottle of Booze

You can’t go wrong with a bottle of bubbly. These lovely bottles contain some classic bubbles but have a lovely message on the label. Some messages can be personalised making it a little more sentimental and others simply come with “be my bridesmaid?” on it. Personally, we think that this present is a lovely be my bridesmaid gifts.

Simple Card

If you don’t feel like going all out with presents or you’re on a budget, then that’s ok. Cards are just as great! There are so many lovely designs to choose from and it’s such a lovely and simple way to ask. You can either DIY a card yourself or find plenty of designs online and at a cheap price.

I hope these be my bridesmaid gifts ideas helped you bride-to-be’s. If you have any more questions, simply call us on 0161 341 0052.



Engaged? What next

Engaged? What next.

Before we start, congratulations to you! If you’re significant other has just got down on one knee and popped the question, you’re probably feeling all kinds of happy right now. With that elation also comes the nerves of something new and reaaally big, so we’re here to help. If you’re thinking engaged? What next… take a glimpse at these vital steps you should take next, before the proper wedding preparations kick in!

Call EVERYONE You Know

This part is probably the least stressful, most exciting thing to do after you get engaged. The few hours, days or even weeks when no one else knows but you and your SO are really special. However, letting all your loved ones know the happy news is bound to put a smile on their faces. The one and only golden rule for this is not posting an excited status on Facebook before you tell your family. You don’t want to upset anyone important before the big day.

Set a Date(ish)

Nothing else can get moving unless you decide on the time of year you want to marry. Once you’ve settled on that, pick a month and even try to narrow it down to a weekend. This way you can start on all the other preparations as soon as possible. Make sure you open up the lines of communication for this decision. It’s a huge day for both you and your fiancé so the date needs to be perfect! Engaged? what next.

Get a Wedding Planner

We don’t mean an actual human wedding planner. We’re taking about all the planning bits that make life a little easier in the run up to your wedding. This can be anything from the notes on your phone, an planning app or the good old folder full of ideas – whatever you feel most comfortable using.

Sort Your Hen Do!

Engaged? What next. Taking on the hen party duties? Or are you passing this party planning to the maid of honour? Grab the girls, brainstorm some ideas, google some fab accessories and even get a professional party planner involved if you fancy. If you’re stuck for some creative inspiration, may we suggest trying the popular life drawing parties on offer throughout the UK. What could be better than drawing a fit and friendly model, playing some games and making some killer memories with your gals?