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Hen Party Dance Classes


We also specialise in hen party dance classes which are available throughout the whole of the UK, including a private central venue and dance instructor. Our dance themes have proved very popular with many groups over the years.

Learn a fabulous fun filled themed dance routine, which you can perform throughout the hen night and at the wedding reception.

Choose from a large variety of hen party dance classes which are suitable for ages, fitness, ability and take place in private city centre venues.




Hen Party Dance Classes

Price: £25pp

Times: Any times between 11am and 6pm


  • Duration between 90mins-2hours
  • Instruction from an experienced dance teacher
  • Private Venue hire
  • Spectators are free of charge
  • A memorable & impressive Dance Class Party routine (Choose from below)


Hen Party Dance Classes available throughout the UK

Hen Party Dance Class Theme Dirty Dancing
You know the songs. You love the film.  Now learn the moves with a dirty dancing hen party.   Dirty Dancing is the ultimate dance movie; so don’t sit in the corner, have some fun to classic songs such as “Time Of My Life” and “Do You Love Me”.
Hen Party Dance Class Theme 80′s Dance
The 80’s are back. Get your legwarmers and neon outfits on for this fantastic 80’s dance hen party.  Our 80′s hen party dance classes cover a range of 80’s dance moves so the whole group will be guaranteed an afternoon of laughter leading to the final routine.
Hen Party Dance Class Theme 90′s Dance
A 90′s hen party dance class is a RAVE. Get your white gloves, glow sticks and whistles at the ready girls, its raving time. The 90′s were a fantastic time, with some great music and it was of course the birth of RAVE.
Hen Party Dance Class Theme Burlesque
The Burlesque hen party is sexy, classy and a little bit cheeky.  Perfect for ladies of all ages and fitness, the group will learn a variety of burlesque dance tricks which are put together to create a fun and memorable dance routine.
Hen Party Dance Class Theme Grease
Become one of the pink ladies for the afternoon during the Grease hen party dance class.  During the Grease dance party you learn to hand jive to the great movie songs and perform a finale routine at the end of the class.  Suitable for ladies of all ages and fitness.
Hen Party Dance Class Theme ABBA
During the ABBA Dance Hen Party the group will learn their very own routine which you can then preform throughout the hen night or at the wedding reception.  Great fun as you dance along to classics such as Dancing Queen, Mama Mia and Take A Chance on me
Hen Party Dance Class Theme Cheerleading
A Cheerleading dance hen party is with a high energy uplifting dance party. Pom-Poms are provided for the Cheerleading Dance Hen Party, as part of the package.  So come on ladies shake your pom-poms!
Hen Party Dance Class Theme Can Can
Colourful can-can skirts are provided as part of the Can Can Dance Hen Party package which will get you in the mood and ready a fun evening. During the Can Can dance hen party you will learn a variety of basic moves & tricks, which will get you ready for a full chorus line performance at the end of the party.
Hen Party Dance Class Theme Thriller
A Thriller Hen Party Dance Class is a fun filled exciting dance party! Have a memorable and unforgettable time, as you learn to dance in the style of Michael Jackson, the King of pop.  Most hen parties dress up, like in the music video, which makes the Thriller dance party more fun.
Hen Party Dance Class Theme GLEE GLEE
Dance Class Hen Party is a fun way to start the weekend; Broadway jazz and modern dance inspired by the hit TV show Glee. You can sing you favourite song “Don’t Stop Believing”, as you learn the cool dance moves.
Hen Party Dance Class Theme Chicago
A Chicago Dance Hen Party is a true sexy and stylish dance party. Dress to impress with a little razzle-dazzle like the divine Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly. Decked out with bowler hat, you will be dancing to the smash hit soundtrack ‘All That Jazz’
Hen Party Dance Class Theme Single Ladies
During a Single ladies Dance Hen Party you will learn lots of sexy dance moves, just like Beyonce.  There is no better way to shake your booty.  The single ladies dance party will be broken down into easy to follow steps before putting them all together to create a fierce dance routine.
Hen Party Dance Class Theme Strictly
Sparkle like the stars when you have a Strictly hen party dance class. You will learn a dazzling Latin – ballroom dance routine and feel like a million dollars, as you learn elegant dance moves.
Hen Party Dance Class Theme Salsa
Salsa hen party dance classes are a fabulous way to enjoy a party weekend.  If you like Salsa music you’ll love this dance party.  The instructors will teach you the basic steps and build on this with passionate and dynamic salsa moves.  By the end of your session you’ll be performing a whole salsa dance like a Cuban professional.
Hen Party Dance Class Theme Street Dance
The Street Dance class hen party is a fabulous way to learn and have a go at street dance. Dance to favourite hip hop tracks under the expert tuition of one of our professional instructors.  By the end of the street dance party you’ll have learnt how to pop, lock and grind.

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