How to: DIY Decorations

Looking for a cheaper alternative to change your house into the perfect party venue? Simply take a look at these quick and easy How To: DIY Decorations and you will be able to transform your house within minutes.

Photobooth Style Props

All you need for this decoration is some cardboard, print outs and lollipop sticks. Simply look for your print outs online and choose what kind of designs you would like. Most people go for lips, moustaches and crowns. Once you’ve printed those out, grab your cardboard and trace around your print outs. Once you’ve done that, carefully cut them out. Finally, glue your print outs onto the cardboard and attach the lollipop sticks. It’s our favourite how to: DIY decorations prop.

Instagram Bunting

Firstly, you need to decide upon the photos you want to hang up. These could be baby photos of the hen or group photos etc. Print your images to the size you want (6×4 works great).  Once printed, use a guillotine or sharp scissors to trim the excess paper from around each image. Next, you need to measure your frames for your images. To get the Instagram look, go for a polaroid style. Cute your border out and simply stick your photos to the frame. Finally, thread your images through string.

Tissue Paper Garland

Firstly, cut some coloured tissue paper into strips, leaving space at the top to keep together. Next, twist the paper together at the completed section at the top. Tape twist-top together and cover with twine, making a loop. Repeat steps 1-3 for other colours. Garland will first need to be cut into 6-10 inch sections before twisting. String together tissue and garland then cut sections into different lengths if desired. Viola! your how to: DIY decorations is done.

Duct Tape Party Hats

Cut a large sheet of construction paper into a big circle. Cut a slit into the centre and fold into the shape of a party hat. Then simply add a few pops of colour with duct tape.

All of these how to: DIY decorations would love perfect for a life drawing hen party. Book your place today and call 0161 341 0052.